Pain vs. Problem

Many times i ask my paiten, which came first. the pain or the problem? They usually answer me, “the pain”. cuz that is what has drivine them tomy office. But the problem is what comes first.  back painand neck pain have usually began becuase of misalighment and/or restriction from over use, repetive activity or injury.  the body is self healing the nervous system controls and regulates all functions. the spine surrounds the nervous system if the spine is not moving properly or aligned propertly many paitents will experience either back pain or neck pain.  as a chrio we are trained to restore alignments and motion to the body, there by taking pressure off of the nervous system and then the body has a better ability to heal its self.   Pian is a red flag. Kind of like the oil light that turns on in your car. if you wait for the red light to turn on or you put a piece of tape over the red light you are masking the problem.  this is in comparison to a paitent that will take pain medication that does not treat the cause of the problem, only the effects.  an examination will help determine if a paitent can be helped for their back pain and neck pain with chiropratic adjustments.

in conclusion, if you, a family member or a firend are experiencing back or neck pain call the office to schedule your examinition so that we may help detect and correct your problem.  Thereby helping to aleave your pain.


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